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להלחם במחלה Fighting the Big C

Kathy Clark needs your help, please donate!

Kathy Clark needs your help, please donate!

ידידתי הקרובה התעוררה בוקר אחד למציאות אכזרית ומצאה כי חברתה הטובה אובחנה בסרטן שלב IV, לא עלינו. שלא כמו בישראל, הביטוח הרפואי בארצות הברית עולה ביוקר ואם אינך עתירת ממון – עלייך לפנות לצדקה כדי לממן את עלות הטיפולים וההוצאות הנלוות.

אני מעלה רשומה זו כדי לסייע במימון הוצאות הטיפולים של האשה הנזקקת, במטרה להפיץ את הנושא ברבים ובתקוה כי תִמָצֵאנָה הנפשות הטובות שתתרומנה ותעזורנה. כל דולר יעזור, אנא פתחנה את לבכן ותרומנה, תודה רבה-רבה מראש!

My close friend woke up one morning to a cruel reality to find her good friend was diagnosed with Cancer stage IV, G-d forbid. In the USA medical insurance costs a lot, and if one is not mega rich – one needs to ask for assistance in order to finance the cost of their treatments and related expenses.

I'm posting this for the purpose of helping with financing the cost of the treatments for this lovely woman in need, in order to spread the word far and wide, in the hope that many good souls will donate and help. Every dollar helps, so please open your heart and donate, thank you very-very much in advance!

מה ש- Kathy Clark כתבה במלותיה הנוגעות בלב.

Here is what Kathy wrote in her heartfelt words:

The day someone receives a cancer diagnosis remains indelibly etched in their mind. My stomach dropped to the floor and I suddenly found it difficult to breathe. That was immediately following my doctor's pronouncement that I had advanced cancer of my female organs w/ a very poor prognosis.

If I am to have any hope of survival I must seek treatment from a comprehensive cancer center that specializes in the latest clinical trials. Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis is one such place. Affiliated with Washington University, they are supported by both NIH and the Nat'l Cancer Institute.

Unfortunately, that is approx 300 mi each way from my home in NW MO. My only vehicle is 16 years old and I'm hoping it will bear up under the constant wear and tear of driving back and forth to St. Louis for frequent treatments.

I want to fight the good fight, be brave and maintain a positive attitude, but it's difficult. I'm still in shock after learning how quickly this silent stalker invaded my body and spread without my knowledge. Time is now of the essence and the clock is ticking. Every day that passes is potentially one less I have to live.

My daughter and I have no other relatives or close friends we can turn to for help. Quite literally, we are all each other has. She has chosen to postpone her plans to begin graduate school. Instead, she has been thrust into the role of full time caregiver.

As a single parent, I've had to live on a budget most of my life. But, when unforeseen emergencies arise, particularly something that could mean the difference between life and death, our little dinghy can easily be swamped and submerged. This unexpected crisis threatens to capsize us both since we have now thrown our lot in together.

Right now I'm terrified, feeling completely alone and very anxious. There is no life insurance, savings, or rainy day fund. My daughter will essentially become an orphan when I'm gone, without kith or kin, utterly alone in the world since her father succumbed to lung cancer less than two years ago and there are no sibs.

Being forced to grovel and bare my soul like some cheap melodrama in a public forum is reprehensible to me, but ravening wolves are at my door. The landlord has been more than patient since this is the first time in over five years I've been late w/ my rent. The light bill is overdue, but have not rec'd a shut-off notice–yet. Of course, most pressing of all are the mounting medical bills which necessitate sparring w/ Medicare and Medicaid. The State demands a $200 "spend down" every month before Medicaid will "kick in" toward those expenses not covered by Medicare.

Since having to divert my usual SSA resources to cover new and unforeseen expenses, I'm starting to enter panic mode, praying for a miracle. At night I lie awake, wondering whether I can quite literally afford to wage this battle even were I somehow able to summon the courage to carry on in the face of adversity.

אנא פתחנה את לבכן ותרומנה, תודה רבה-רבה מראש!

Please open your heart and donate, thank you very-very much in advance!